7 Resolutions That Boost Business

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The end of December is usually the time to reflect on the progress from the past year. Once the calendar turns to January 1, it’s time to think about all the goals for the coming year. With the start of a new year and a new decade, here are seven tips to help extend New Year’s Resolutions to “Year-Round Resolutions” that will boost business.


  1. Set Realistic Goals: Goals should be an exciting milestone for a business, not the basis for stress! Set goals that are realistic and map out a plan to reach them, which gives you an increased likelihood of success.
  2. Make Planning a Priority: Goals aren’t something to set at the beginning of the year and never revisit. Make planning a routine part of business operations.

Taking time to plan and review the progress of goals helps keep them on track.

  1. Remove Barriers to Success: Is there a piece of essential equipment that needs upgrading? Is the team short-staffed and scrambling? Are extra efforts being wasted on methods that aren’t working? Invest in the areas that will grow your business and drop what’s not working. These actions can lighten the workload while streamlining techniques, products, or relationships that aren’t suited to the business.
  2. Make Time for Growth: Growth isn’t just limited to revenue. Try a new method or technique or incorporate continued learning for the team. Just like removing barriers to success, planning time to learn something new adds value to the business. Also, make time for networking. Continue building relationships with current contacts and engage some new ones. Try joining (or being more engaged with) a local organization and connect with influencers in the industry.
  1. Take “Me” Time: The beginning of a new year (or decade) can inspire business owners and leaders to hit the ground running, but rest is just as important as the drive. While it may seem counterproductive, taking time away from evening projects and “just one more email” increases productivity and creativity.
  2. Give Back to the Community: Just because the “season of joy and giving” is over doesn’t mean there aren’t needs within the community. Serving as a mentor, volunteer, or a team-building donation project will improve the community. Nothing grows goodwill for a business more than giving back to the local community.
  3. Promote the Business: Just like business goals, promotions for the company aren’t a “one and done” recipe for growth. Try adding one or two new tactics to current strategies and then evaluate results. Small changes to outreach, or an experiment with a new medium, can open doors to new markets. Invest some time when planning annual goals and metrics to outline an integrated strategic communication plan to ensure promotions pair with company objectives.

With clear goals, a plan, and a “can-do” attitude, your New Year’s Resolutions can become everyday habits that grow your business.

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