Friday Features: The 2020 Instagram Starter Kit

If you are new to social media or struggle with staying up to date on new features that seem to be released every week, we have you covered. We are breaking down the most optimal features for your business’s Instagram profile in 2021. Here are our top hacks to create and manage content for your company.

“Do It For The Gram”

Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media networks with 1 billion monthly active users. This social channel is primarily used to share photos and videos. Instagram, frequently, updates their social sharing network by releasing new and innovative ways to drive consumers from your feed to your business. Recently, they introduced Instagram reels, shoppable posts, IGTV and added a new shopping center that allows users to purchase products directly from business pages. Implementing these new features into your social media strategy may boost your brands visibility over the competition and enhance consumers’ purchasing power.

A New Way to Shop

Instagram has introduced a new way for consumers to access a brand’s product offerings. Shoppable images allows users to simply click on the photo of a featured product then be directed to your company’s site to complete a purchase. Instagram Shoppable Posts increased traffic to product pages 1,416% since its release in 2017. If you do not avidly follow the social media industry, Facebook owns Instagram, allowing businesses to merge their social media shopping posts and streamline the experience for customers across both platforms.

But that’s not all… Instagram has launched a new shopping center integrated into users’ homepages making this feature even more visible and accessible. Instagram’s algorithm recognizes specific products or brands that each user is likely to be interested in and highlights them in the new shopping center feature. From the shopping center, users can save products to their cart or create a wish list using their Instagram account.

The Breakdown of Reels vs. IGTV

Today’s social media consumers expect speed, efficiency, and authentic content. Instagram Reels mimic the booming platform Tik Tok. Reels allows users of all ages and skill levels to create professional quality videos up to 60 seconds in length. These fast-paced, visually enticing videos span time lapsed before-and-after clips of home renovations to a shopping haul of your favorite brands. Utilizing these videos in your social media and marketing communications strategies will allow you to display your brand’s products quickly and efficiently.

IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, is a function of the app for hosting videos that are longer than one minute. These videos can be up to 10 minutes long for most accounts and up to an hour for established accounts verified by Instagram. Instagram anticipates removing time limits for videos in the future. Harnessing the power of longer form IGTV assets in your social media strategy will allow users to connect with your brand authentically and meet the people behind the screens.

The Insta Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

The way pictures are displayed and positioned on Instagram is evolving a pleasing aesthetic for user’s profiles and business accounts. Photos are displayed in a grid, and then expand to show captions, locations, comments, and more.

UNUM is a platform widely used by social media marketers to plan and create content. UNUM allows users to sync a brand’s Instagram account to a grid to view the exact layout of each picture as it will appear on your Instagram feed. This platform is a planning tool to clearly map your Instagram profile and display your brand consistently with every post.

Our next favorite hack is the IG line break generator. Instagram collapses captions with two or more consecutive lines and does not allow you to expand your caption by simply hitting enter. The IG line break generator allows you to use as much as space as needed for your captions without the using bullet points or weird asterisks. Let us try it out.

Before IG Line Break Generator:
After IG Line Break Generator:

Social media features evolve at the speed of technology innovation which can make Instagram’s evolving features confusing and difficult to master for your social media strategy. We hope this update and these hacks will help you branch out and leverage new tactics to drive brand awareness and conversions.

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