How To Adapt To Emerging Healthcare Trends

No matter where you look, whether it’s online, a magazine, traditional newspaper, or any other medium, healthcare topics are always trending. It’s an indication that people are focused on health tips and trends that improve the quality of life.

As a result, we have an abundant amount of information, resources, and methods to make informed health decisions for almost any ailment or health topic. Due to emerging trends, healthcare marketing is quickly evolving to adapt.


Traditional methods of content production include blogs, but in today’s “let me Google that” society, practices must adapt. Content creation gets a big boost by having personalized pages that promote educational videos, forums, and tools to help.

The point is, informative, optimized articles get the most attention.

The production and upkeep usually expand to a marketing team or an agency partner. Keeping up with trends, UrbanLink Group performs strategic marketing tactics for several healthcare clients. In retrospect, the production of dedicated pages with research, videos, and even podcasts has helped gain exposure for a national biotechnology company.


How current is your practice listing on Google? Although a seemingly simple move, ensuring that your listing is current and correct is imperative. The simple reason being that a patient may search for your name or practice, but not necessarily go to your website directly.

From the listing on Google, it’s easier to make a call, get directions, or see updated hours. Patients still want to conduct deep research to identify and identify symptoms, a diagnosis, or research options, so it’s a good idea to ensure your website content is current and relevant to your services.

Web development isn’t just for search engines, humans matter too.

Part of optimization includes an excellent digital presence. Does your page load slowly or have confusing navigation? Take a walk through your website keeping the patient in mind, and ask yourself, what information are they searching for? What questions do they have?


Busy schedules, short attention spans, and information overload have produced something that’s quick and engaging — video.

According to WordStream, 80 percent of all consumer traffic is video. With such high interest, are you keeping up with the demand?

Creating a video for your practice can be easy but has to revolve around telling a story. If you’re able to capture attention, evoke emotion, educate, and make a connection then you have a recipe for success. You’ll be able to tell it’s a success if patients are sharing it, commenting, or reference it when speaking with members of your practice in person.


Social media has become so much more than just keeping up with friends. According to Oberlo, the average person spends three hours per day on social media networks. That alone signifies that it can be a powerful educational tool to building a worldwide community. Doctors use platforms such as YouTube to share information about important health issues, which can propel credibility. Additionally, it could position a practice as a valuable resource, strengthening patient-doctor relationships.

How Many People Use Social Media?
Data provided by Oberlo

How people find healthcare solutions for common ailments or serious conditions has shifted to social media networks. Traditional word-of-mouth is now asking for a recommendation on Facebook or reading an online review. Customer satisfaction, easy booking options, and simplified billing are all considerations for managing your reputation, in-person and online.


Although there may be some regulations for healthcare marketers on Facebook, it’s one of the most powerful platforms with over two billion users. While some shy away from advertising on this global giant, others have thrived. Doctors should review their budgets and heavily consider investing in Facebook ads.

We know a thing or two about Facebook advertising, especially for the healthcare sector. In a three-month timespan, ULG ran a clinician-target campaign for a national biotechnology company. In the first few weeks, on an advertising limit of around $500,

ULG boosted the visibility of BioBurst Rejuv by 300,000 impressions and inspiring over 100 unique link clicks.

If your practice needs a digital marketing boost, we can help.

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