Project Description

Image created for Benchmark Services by UrbanLink Group

Our Client

Benchmark Services

Trusted Partner for Home Inspections, Maintenance, and Improvements

Benchmark Services launched its network of property owner and contractor resources in 2020. For the brand launch, UrbanLink took the new brand from concept and name to a fully developed corporate identity with a full suite of print and digital assets. The UrbanLink creative team built a family of logos for the various programs and an explainer animation to demonstrate each program’s features and benefits.

Web Development

An engaging website with good UX/UI is critical to every business. Benchmark Services engages with two separate but equally important audiences which require portal access. UrbanLink created the Benchmark website in a phased rollout to match the company’s development plan.

Screenshot of Benchmark Services website created by UrbanLink Group
Screenshot of Benchmark Services website created by UrbanLink Group

Corporate Identity

Benchmark Services required a logo suite for its corporate identity and for each of its home services programs. Each logo is designed to function independently and as a logo family. Benchmark branding elements have been used for print materials and digital applications.

Logo for Benchmark Services
Logo Suite for Benchmark Services created by UrbanLink Group

Animation & Video

To convey the key elements and benefits of Benchmark Services programs, UrbanLink’s creative team scripted, illustrated, and produced an explainer animation. The animation was repurposed into 4 abbreviated versions and deployed for various digital applications.