Snow, Sweethearts, And The Super Bowl

Marketing That Hits the Mark

After the post-holiday craze is over, it seems like marketing switches gears and focuses on snow, sweethearts, or the Super Bowl. Using seasonally relevant topics is a great way to reach an audience when done effectively.

If not done correctly, a seasonal promo or campaign can fall flat or seem insincere to customers. Additionally, seasonal campaigns can be less cost-effective than non-seasonal campaigns as their shelf life is shorter. Here are a few tips to help evaluate if that seasonal topic is the right fit for a marketing campaign.

BE CREATIVEWith thousands of campaigns centered around Valentine’s Day, what makes one sweeter than another? Whether it’s humorous, tear-jerking, or endearing, find a new way to market “I Love You” to those special customers.


Does the target audience care about the topic? A campaign, no matter how humorous or memorable, only sticks with an audience when it matters to them. Find a seasonal topic that resonates with the audience; otherwise, there’s  the audience is paying attention to the campaign.


Branding is essential to the longevity of the company. Retain brand integrity by thinking through the campaign in its entirety before pushing forward. Connect the audience to the brand with a topic that emphasizes the BRAND, rather than writing about Tom Brady just because everyone else is doing so.


Using a seasonal topic or event can be a great time to reach potential customers; it just may require a little strategic planning ahead of time. Think about the target audience, the voice of the brand, and then add in a bit of creativity to stand out!

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